Friday, September 21, 2012

Omnomnom heaven.

Look at my bat garland! I love it so much ^^ I do think my chandelier needs some cobwebs now...

Yesterday my sister and nephew came over. Now that was a treat already because I love having guests over! But guess what!? This was an ever bigger treat because they brought me macarons! (I bet my new macaron necklace has magic macaron bringing powers..) Look at the gorgeous box they came in...
...and look how pretty and yummy they look c: (we already shared one by this time... mmmm chocolatey)
The first and last time I had macarons was at the start of summer this year. Those were tiny ones and by far not as delicious as these. These were the real deal. Seriously. They melt in your mouth and have this intense taste explosion that makes you tastebuds go *_______*
That day I also made some sushi for dinner! When I saw Cassey's recipe for quinoa sushi I knew I had to make it too as soon as possible. And it's delicious! Ok so I always suck at the rolling part, but luckily this doesn't change the taste whatsoever.
Sushi is happy to go into my mouth.
Hope you'll have a fabulous weekend. I just feel like sleeping for the next two days.. but I can't! I gotta teach myself to sleep paint. That would be amazing.


  1. That looks delicious! And really big, the macarons I usually take are smaller :3
    Btw I love your decoration :D
    Ps: sorry I have been a bit off for a while ^^'


  2. @Alexandra I know, they're huge! I only had mini sized ones so far but these are sooooo much better <3