Saturday, September 29, 2012

LOL I'm just kitten!

I'm supposed to still be working my butt off right now for school, producing drawings and crafts and paintings like it's NO BIG DEAL. Like I can do MAGIC. But then I realized I missed blogging and I had ideas floating around in my head for posts all week, but I just couldn't justify spending time on the internetz for myself. I have to work work work and everything else is just.. nonexistent. Obviously. Is this life? Is life supposed to be filled with work all the time. Does that make you an acceptable adult. Because if that is the case I want to grow up even less. Blegh.

But hey I'm still here! Still excited! As long as I have mini breaks I'll be fine. So what do I do during those mini breaks? Well, I'll tell you about that right now my darling readers...

 find out Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls) is actually my cartoon self.
Bubbles has always been my favorite Powerpuff Girl, but now that I'm re-watching episodes I'm really starting to understand why that is! We're so much alike! I miss the good old days when I would watch that show every morning.
 have long phone calls with my mom
It's basically impossible for me to go home these days, but phonecalls will cover that for now!
 playing around with the Halloween features on PicMonkey
Ha I realize it's more Day of the Dead than Halloween, but it's my favorite of all themes!

♥ make wishlists on Etsy
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
I am drooling over that kitten shirt especially!
 read and write snail mail!
Nothing that cheers me up more than receiving a letter or a postcard!
 cook a nice, yummy meal for myself and EAT IT ALL
 watch beauty vloggers on youtube. Something about it really relaxes me. I especially like the videos of makeupkatie95, because she talks a lot and it's like having a friend over who talks to me about girly stuff while I'm working.
♥ ordering a ticket to see Conor Oberst in February!! Aaah!!

This post is pretty messy and all over the place, but whatever! Ok I better get back to work now I already start feeling bad about 'not doing anything'.


  1. It's nice to know you're alive! As i said sometime before, I really enjoy reafing your blog. I do also love sending and receiving mail, it is one of my guilty pleasures haha. And well, enjoying littlest things is one of the best things in life :3
    Hope you have an amazing week! :]


  2. @Alexandra Haha thank you dear n.n you have an awesome week too!!

  3. Halloween is the best holiday, it just is.
    Also, I adore that kitten shirt, it's fantastic.

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