Friday, October 19, 2012

*More creepy cuteness*

I'm no good at saving money. I used to be, but that was back in the time when I wasn't interested in clothes, make-up, jewellery and such whatsoever. Back when I only had one pair of shoes and didn't see the point in buying new ones when the ones I had didn't have gigantic holes in them yet (I'd still wear them then though, because holey shoes were awesome). But now it's a completely different story! I don't know whether that's a good or a bad thing. I do know the change is bad for my wallet.
I had a look in my Hello Kitty piggy bank since MONTHS, and it turned out I hadn't saved that much in the meantime, so I figured I might as well spend it. So I did. Yay!! First stop was obviously H&M where I fell in love with this denim shirt!! I had been looking for one for ages! I love it n.n

Claire's had a really awesome sale going on where you could get 3 items for only 5 euros! So I got these gorgeous lace gloves, heart tattoo tights and black rose hair clips. The other items weren't on sale unfortunately, but I couldn't pass them up ♥ I'm really into romantic gothic lolita like accessories these days, as you can also see on my Fall/Winter fashion pinterest board!
And since we're in the Halloween mood already now, this is the package I sent all the way to Japan for my redditgifts Trick or Treat exchange! I had a message from my match the other day saying there's a package from Etsy on its way to me. I'm so excited!!
All adorable Halloween pixels can be found at engram pixel! Hope you'll have a great weekend!!


  1. Is there any cool halloween stuff in claires? I should go, i love your skull brazalet! Aww I adore everything related to halloween so much! I found the other day a shop called 'Taste of America' and it had already all the cute decoration! haha :3

  2. @Alexandra I want a shop like that too! They do have some pretty sweet Halloween stuff at Claire's c: it's definitely worth a visit around this time!