Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Xmas gifts and such. ♥

Since some of you asked me to share the gifts I got for Christmas, here's a little post about my Christmas! I in no way want anyone to think I'm bragging. To be honest, I didn't even really expect to receive any gifts since we don't really celebrate Christmas with presents in my family c: I already shared some of my early gifts in an earlier post, and the gifts in this post have basically all come through the regular mail!
The first gifts I received were from my Secret Santa(s) for Redditgifts. A lovely brother and sister from Ireland sent me some Hello Kitty goodies and the Scott Pilgrim dvd! And I got mail from Grace, which wasn't necessarily intended as a christmas gift but since it arrived around that time Im just gonna say it is :D I got a mermaid aquarium! Can you say AWESOMENESS!? Yes, I think you can.
I think I took these pictures right when school had finally ended and I indulged in some peanut butter chocolate loveliness and had the cutest little chocolate in my advent calender!
A day later a package from my friend Alexandra from Spain arrived! She has the best mail decoration skills. So many cute stickers and stuff. She spoiled me way too much with lots of adorable things.
Soon enough, it was Christmas day! I had a really good, fun and cozy Christmas without any drama and plenty of relaxation, Baileys and xmas songs n.n
Stars stars stars stars stars! Everywhere!
Oh and lets not forget about this amazing coat I got on sale at H&M! I got a black one too, but this is my favorite of the two. It's super soft and makes me feel like a rockstar.
Ugh this post is such a mess. I really got to improve my layout skills this year. Did you get any nice presents for Christmas? Please share!


  1. i want that mermaid aquarium. so jealous!

  2. What's the thing in the unicorn fabric? It's so cute!

    love, lauren.


  3. Happy new year! I will always read your blog ^^
    The mermaid acuarium looks amazing! How is it like? I mean did she bought it somewhere or did she handmade it? *O* All of your presents look amazing :3 By the way, thank you for mentioning me, I'm glad you liked it ^^
    I'll tell you what I got, although this year it has turned out to be more than the usual haha:
    My brother gifted me the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams; my boyfriend gifted me a 'leather' classic book cover to keep my books and that looks really cool haha his mum gifted me a hand made purple enormous cozy scarf and a black shirt with white crosses; my parents and my grandma gifted me a pair of skull pants and a shirt from zara, it started with a kiss, sex bomb and so white from lush, a moleskine, a set of sealing waxes+new seal, wall-e's film, a jumbo eyeliner from sephora, new headphones, nice smelling gels, a pair of cozy socks, some cash and two plane tickets to london for me and my boyfriend for this summer :3

    Have a great week! (And sorry for the long reply ^^')


  4. @Alexandra the little aquarium is cute isn't it? I think she just got it somewhere!

    You got such awesome gifts! I especially envy the tickets to London *o* I have yet to send you something, but I hope I can manage that this week n.n