Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Blog resolutions.

For the new year, I really want to take my blog to the next level. It's gonna take some work, but I have decided that this 2013 is going to be the year of getting shit done!

Post more art. This is a big one for me. Besides school stuff I'm really slacking off artistically and that's no good! Maybe I've got to start a weekly personal art update post to keep myself motivated.
♥ Do a blog make-over. This is really something that needs to happen. A nice, fresh, new look that fits better with who I am now. Something deep red and pink... It's gonna happen.
♥ Start doing outfit posts. I try dressing up nicely every single day, and even though I'm usually very pleased with my daily outfits I hardly ever take the time to document them! Reasons are probably my full body shot awkwardness and not being good at taking pictures like that in general. But I want to try getting better at that this year!
♥ Promote more/advertise on other blogs. Another pretty big one! People aren't just gonna find me among the gazillion blogs out there! I really want to put myself out there and get in touch with more fellow bloggers to share feedback or just a nice chat with n.n
♥ Write more inspiring/personal articles. I love writing. I write every single day. I'm not saying I'm good at it, I just love doing it. I always have so many things I'm thinking about or want to share my thoughts on with the hopes to inspire others. I hope that this year I can push myself to finish articles and maybe illustrate them with  my own work!


  1. Your goals look interesting, it is always good to spend more time in inspiring artistic stuff, doing so will always make you happy ^^ I do too have my own personal resolutions/goals:
    •Keep on eating healthy (I have been a veggie for a long time, so this is quite easy haha)
    •Be more responsible with my work.
    •Study more.
    •Try to find out what I really want to do with my life.
    •Be a nicer&better person.
    •Keep on writing, painting and making 'art'.
    •Spend more time with my boyfriend, my family and friends.


  2. @Alexandra those sound like some good goals :D now let's stick to them!