Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tips for a fit 2013!

The one thing on most people's resolution list is usually something along the lines of get healthier/exercise more/loose those extra pounds. The new year starts, you jump right into it and eat super healthy and work out on a daily basis only to find yourself being a couch potato eating nutella out of the jar by the end of the month again (yup, I've been there too).

The thing about becoming fit and healthy is that it's a lifestyle. Of course you can loose those muffintops by portion control and working out like a crazy person, but if you want your results to last you're gonna have to make a whole lifestyle change. That means finding a balance between eating healthy foods and not so healthy foods and finding a work out routine that works for you. It takes time, and you probably won't see results in a matter of days but trust me, it's super duper worth it in the long run!

Here are some tips to get you started on a healthier lifestyle!

What you buy, you eat. If you resist the urge to buy those cookies or cheesecake ice cream it most likely won't be a problem at all not to eat it, because it's not there! I'm not saying you can't buy cookies or ice cream ever again (I usually have some chocolate at home, just in case), but just try to only buy it when you think you're deserving of a little treat!

Find alternatives
Start eating whole grain instead of white, drink fizzy (lemon)water or fruity tea instead of soda, have popcorn  or crispy edamame as a snack instead of chips etc. etc. (check out these ideas!) Ever since I cut soda from my diet a couple of years ago, I swear, my body did a huge happy dance, and up until this day I don't miss it at all and actually cringe whenever I do have a sip. Which bring me to one of my personal rules: don't drink your calories. (unless we're talking about smoothies, then it's totally fine. YUM)
Get moving!
Walk or bike somewhere instead of taking the car/bus/whatever. Take the stairs instead of the elevator (no excuses!) Dance around your room to your favorite music a couple of times a week. Hold your abs in when you're sitting at that desk, stand on your tippy toes when you're brushing your teeth. Just keep moving!

Start a motivation board on Pinterest
Whenever I feel unmotivated I just take a look at my personal Healthy Living board. It's ideal for saving those inspirational quotes, clean recipes, cute work-out items and more!
Try some pop pilates!
I've been addicted to pilates for at least over a year now, all thanks to the greatness called Blogilates. Cassey Ho, the founder of Blogilates, has such a contagious and inspiring happiness that'll get you through those workouts smiling like a crazy person! There are tons of pilates and cardio videos to fun pop music, monthly work out calenders, meal plans and so much more. Check it out!
Keep a food journal
When you write down all the stuff you eat every day, you'll have a much better idea or your daily food intake. It will make it much easier to see where you could improve. No cheating! Write down that chocolate mousse you had for dessert. It's not like your journal is gonna tell anyone.
A healthy lifestyle isn't just about getting skinny or ripped at all! It's amazing for both your outside as it is for your inside. You'll feel stronger physically AND mentally. Ever since I started caring more about my eating pattern and exercise I've gradually become a happier and more positive person :)

If you're planning on changing your lifestyle, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you're doing it for YOU. If you're doing it for others it's most likely not gonna work. Have a wonderful day and if you have any tips or questions, please leave a comment down below!

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