Friday, January 4, 2013

Artsy Fartsy Friday

A little art update! It feels good after more than a week of being unproductive and unmotivated to kinda get back into the swing of things. Long vacations are no good for me. I need the school days to get forced into going somewhere and to work (and afterwards feeling accomplished and awesome!).

I haven't been feeling too confident about the work I've been making lately, hence me hardly sharing anything anymore. But I want to make it a habit to post something art related at least once a week. Anyway, back to teh artsies. We've been focussing on character design a lot lately, at which I'm still not amazing, but working on it... I introduce to you Tina Bearista. The name just came to me while working on her. Like she told me 'Hiiii I'm Tina!' So yeah, there you go.
We also had to make a scale model of our character. Claying big things is still something I want to get so much better at. Still needs some touch ups, but I think her apron turned out pretty cute!
These are some little tid bits from my sketchbook when I didn't feel like working on Tina and started procrastinating. Lots of pink and mustard! Lots of cutting in food magazines and the H&M catalogue n.n

I have some more stuff to share, but I'm saving that for another post! Have a lovely weekend.


  1. She is lovely! *O* I can't imagine having to work in so many different ideas in so little time haha ^^

    By the way, I forgot telling you, if you haven't yet, go and watch Les Miserables! Really, it's a masterpiece, I have always been a fan of the musical, the songs and the novel, and here the cast is amazing and the songs are the well known classics! Sorry, I'm a big fan of clasical musicals and their soundtracks, I'm actually looking for tickets to watch it this summer in London :3


  2. ps: I adore how you draw fish :3

  3. @Alexandra Thank you dear! I actually got recommended Les Miserables by someone else too a couple of days ago! So now I really gotta check it out c:

  4. I love the clay model! So nice to see an illustration turned into something 3D :D