Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday Funday

Happy Easter everyone! I'm still doing homework. And if I'm not I'm either reading in the Rookie Yearbook or watching a John Hughes movie, so not complaints here! And during homework I enjoy listening to any mix on 8tracks tagged with the 80s (which more than once caused the absolute need to dance around my room for at least 30 seconds). And of course I document everything of these very exciting happenings in my little home for you.
Easter breakfast! Bagel with scrambled egg and banana. Oh how festive I am this year.
Pretty Guess ads found while browsing through old magazines.
Drinking tea on my  (very floraly) bed
Pretty pretty illustration in the Rookie Yearbook
Drawing shoes on the floor. Because school.
I haven't even had a single chocolate egg yet because I didn't trust myself with an entire bag of those in my house and my dad didn't get me a chocolate bunny this year. It is the sad (but healthy) truth.


  1. Happy Easter!
    You know, your posts always leave me with the need to listen to old music and watch movies from the nineties. I love it!