Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sushi candles and smiling pancakes

And here I am procrastinating again... But I just came across this webshop Japan Trendshop which was too good not to share! I simply want to own everything from this store...
Hello Kitty Instax mini
I already have an instax mini, but I definitely need to get my hands on some of that Hello Kitty frame film!
Sushi Candles
I'd probably never burn these though, they're too pretty.
So cute! I wouldn't mind owning them all. Just to look at them all day.
Pancake Playing Cards
Dawww look at that cute little pancake face. How can I resist?
Fuuvi chocolate digital keychain camera
Omnomnom delicious looking camera
Sakura Cherry Blossom Hole Punch
If you want to punch some paper and look cute doing it!
So much goodness! What's your favorite item?


  1. It is all amazing...did you see the macaroon maker? I'm in love with this mostly: stickers the gramophone and this R2D2
    But it is super expensive. You're no good Sarah, you always make want new stuff hahah (just joking)

    Have a great week-end!

  2. @Alexandra omg yes that macaroon maker! It's amazing! Also loving those spiderweb stickers :D Aaaaahh it's all so precious!

  3. I love candles shaped like food! And chocolate cameras? How great is that?

  4. Ah, I want everything in this post! I didn't know punching holes in paper could look so cute. :3

  5. @jiru Haha I know right!? En ik vind je blog trouwens awesome c: