Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cupcakes and Khaki Scouts

Hello cutiepies!
Since I sent some postcards via Postcrossing again, I've found at least one postcard in the mail every day lately! It's so much fun! The one I got today took the cake though (literally!). It came from Taiwan so that wasn't much of a surprise n.n (all my favorite Postcrossing cards came from Taiwan..)
Cuteness overload!
And talking about mail. Cassey from Blogilates posted a picture on her Instagram of all the mail she got in her P.O. Box and I'm so excited to see the postcard I sent in the pile (and the Valentine's Card of which you can only see the stamp)
Can you spot my card!? Source: Blogilates
Besides sending lots of mail, I've just been working on school and compulsively listening to the Moonrise Kingdom soundtrack. This inspired me to make a little Khaki Scout Badge when I had to take a break from homework


  1. Aw such a guilty pleasure: mail. That badge is super cute ^^ (sorry I haven't commented for a while, I been busy with a lot of homework and classes T.T)

    Have a great week!

  2. @Alexandra Aww no worries! Same thing here :c I know I said I'd send you something new (and I will!) it's all just been a little crazy.. mehh.

  3. Haha thank you! Don't worry, it is always a crazy time, we need holidays ^^
    The other day I saw in the mall a couple of things that reminded me of you, I will send them asap :3


  4. OMG everything is so cute!
    I'm sure you are surrounded by loads of cuteness, I would love to see how you have decorated your home or you room so much! hahaha

    See ya,