Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Awkward" Spring inspiration

Today I finally feel like Spring is coming! It's still in this awkward transition stage though where you can't be one hundred percent sure yet if it's going to be warm enough yet, so I'm still walking around with a scarf and gloves. I found the eyecandy I saved over the past few days is also in this awkward stage and it all went nicely together so I made a little collage...
1. Lovelovelove the surprising and bright nails of this girl 2. Coraline and Wybie! Perfect to make any rainy day magical. 3. our heater broke so blankets are my best friend right now.. 4. Started rewatching Paradise Kiss. Still loving Miwako so much  5. The cutest booties by Japanese brand Queen Bee! 6. There's something about chokers that really appeals to me right now, especially paired with a fairly normal outfit 7. pretty desserts will never fail to inspire me.

And just some food for thought: I recommend reading this article on Rookie on using your words to 'get what you want' instead of sitting around and expecting everyone to have psychic powers. I'm often guilty of the latter, and I think a lot of us are, too. I want you to have a lovely day!

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  1. I love this collage! Also Rookie is just the best thing!