Monday, March 4, 2013

Donuts on my head.

Remember my character Tina Bearista? Well, our teacher decided to take the assignment to the next level. We had to take a picture of ourselves as our character! So I had a little photoshoot with myself and had a lot of fun with it (even though I was SO done with this character since it didn't get too much positive feedback). I mean, I got to buy cute decorated donuts and even wear one as a hat! Which resulted in donut frosting in my hair hair (which might sound appealing, but seriously, just don't.)
This is the picture I'll go with, because it's in one of the 'golden poses' the assignment asks for. Don't ask why I put an extra donut in my lap.
Donut meditation.. Dooooooooonut.
Hope you enjoyed these pictures of me making a complete fool of myself :D


  1. It looks great, seriously, and don't feel done with your character :3

  2. @Alexandra aww thank you ^^ I got really positive feedback on it today, so it's all good now :D

  3. That's adorable! Donuts are just always a good thing to go with! I remember the Bearista, it was so cute!