Friday, April 5, 2013

Inspiring women: Awkwafina

This lady who goes by Awkwafina caught my eyes and ears a couple of days ago and she immediatly got me hooked with her witty lyrics and quite strange and hilarious videos. Awkwafina is the alter ego of this 24 year old woman who is a LaGuardia High School veteran and Harvard Law School graduate. I admire her a lot because she really has set her mind to changing the current female rap scene. I mean, women alone are already a minority in rap, let alone an Asian woman. She wants to be taken seriously, but takes herself just seriously enough to produce something that stands out for being funny. 

She said to The Daily Beast:
“I want to change the game to make rap that shows I’m not a normal female rapper—it’s not about how rich I am, how much sex I have, or how many boyfriends I have. That’s just not me.”
Let's not forget about her fabulous song 'My Vag', celebrating women simply by talking about the greatness that is called a vagina (which is so much better than a penis).

Now, you might not like the songs, but I do think this lady deserves major props for rising up and trying to make a difference. Yesyesyes to Girl power!


  1. hahaha she's hilarious. I don't really love her music but she does indeed deserve major props.

    Oh and by the way, the postcard to germany arrived a day after we talked and the one to taiwan 2 days after; the german lady may have been a bit lazy XD Anyways, now I need to wait and see what I get, but as I told you I might delete my account and make only postcards for friends because I didn't feel the same sending them to total strangers and getting such...lame feedback.
    Have a nice week! And remember trying tumblr sometime! :D


  2. @Alexandra Yay I'm glad they still came through in the end! And I definitely want to get a Tumblr sooner or later. Probably one day when I can actally be bored again :D
    You have a great week too!