Friday, April 12, 2013

Treat Yo Self

Hello lovelies! My poor little blog is getting a little neglected these days. Tis sad indeed. But I've been crazy busy with school, like crazycrazy busy. But only one more week and things should settle down a little again. Phew. I don't mind being busy, but this is just really (creatively) draining. I found the best way to get through times like these is good music and good food. Mmmm like this Dutch tompouce I treated myself to after a long and productive day   

Puff pastry with pink frosting and cream. Heaven.
I also finally got my quartets game printed! I don't think I've been this happy with something I made for school in a loooooong time. And I got super positive feedback on it. I'll probably post better pictures of it once I've got the entire thing printed (ink y u so expensive?)
Omnom bunny
Random things making me happy: warmer weather   lemon tea  fresh coconut  painting with my hands  rainbow film for the instax mini! Want!  crazy workouts  cherries in syrup reading  Rookie Yearbook ♥ These videos:

How perfect is this? It's a short film for Prada by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola! I can't stop obsessing over it. 

Ugh, Hayley makes me want to dye my hair half pink and orange. I need a hair change (and cut) pretty bad... I've got so many split ends, it's ridiculous. I just don't trust anyone with my hair but myself. Oh me and my gigantic problems! 

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and GO TREAT YO SELF! Because you made it through another week of LIFE and you deserve it.

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  1. Your quartets game looks amazing, really! And I totally love Hayley Williams there, I mean her clothing and her hair is *O*