Friday, May 17, 2013

Dear Diary: My diaries and how to start writing yourself!

Pretty in Pink!
One of my favorite things is starting in a new diary. Going into town to find that one perfect notebook I'll be writing all my deepest secrets in for the next few months. Writing the date on that first fresh page, and then just writing away until my mind is completely empty.

I've been keeping diaries ever since I was a little girl. I got my first one from my grandmother. It was blue with a big yellow sun on it and a lock. I had no idea what to do with it and had my mom explain to me I could write in it about what I did that day, or write stories and secrets or just.. ANYTHING. I started writing in it, and basically never stopped. It started with stuff like:

I think I'm in love with my teddybear!
I didn't brush my teeth tonight and dad didn't even notice!
My best friend pushed me off of the skippyball today and now she's stupid.

I'm not making any of these up.
I like my diaries cute and sparkly.
 Lots of people don't understand how I can write in my diary every single day. And honestly, I dont really know either. It's just... routine, I guess? I need it. It calms me down and of course let's not forget about how much fun it is to read all of it back later. So many things you just forget about... crushes, obsessions, school drama, dreams, nightmares. I also like to stick in tickets, receipts, packaging, stickers etc. that remind me of stuff that happened at the time. It makes it all that much more fun to read them later.
Of course there's a Hello Kitty diary in there too.
 So maybe you want to start a diary too, but you have no idea where to start!?
I've got some tips to help you get started:

1. Get a pretty diary
Obviously, actually getting a diary is pretty important. Get a pretty one that you're actually going to want to write in! I never get the same kind of journal. You are always changing, so it only makes sense your diary does too. You can also get a plain notebook and decorate it yourself with tape or stickers. Once I have the right diary in my hands, I just know right away. Like love at first sight c:

2. Get good a pen...
...and keep it with your diary. Nothing is more frustrating than having to look for a pen, or writing with one that writes crappy.

3. Set a time
Look at your day to day schedule and figure out a time you'll always have some time to write. Try to stick to this time. Once you keep it up for a long time, it'll just start to become part of your daily routine. I always write before I go to sleep, because then I get to process and straighten everything out that happened that day and I can get to sleep better.

4. Start small
Most people don't feel like filling up three pages right from the start, and of course this isn't necessary at all! Dont force yourself to write more than you actually want. Just start with a line, or a word even. Or stick something in of that day if you dont feel like writing. Or you can only write once a week!

5. Dont be shy
This is the awesome thing about diaries: nobody ever has to read it but you (if you're worried about someone possibly getting their hands on your diary, make sure you store it in a safe place).
Diaries from when I was still kind of in my emo phase.
Do you keep a diary? Or are you planning on starting one now? Happy writing!


  1. I think that is impressive and I am sure it is fun to read! When I was 7 I got for my bday loads of diaries and tried to keep one for a while, but I got reeeeally bored, I mean, I was a little kid and that wasn't my thing at that time. Nevertheless, my mother is like you, she has loads of old diaries and well, I always carry with me my little moleskine where I take little notings and sketches n.n

    Have a nice week!

  2. @Alexandra That is the greatest moleskine notebook I've ever seen! *_*

  3. I love diaries! But I've always been so afraid that someone will read them that I never put anything that's actually secret in them.