Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Zoo drawing adventure!

Hi guys! School is finally, slowly, coming to an end. Most important evaluations are done and the only thing that still weighs heavy on me is my big final end of the year presentation. But it'll be fine. I've scored good enough on all my classes to not screw that one up.

For our last drawing class, we went to our local zoo again! I thought I'd share some pictures of all the little, and not so little, creatures I came across!
Okay, this mister (or lady?) had seen too many horror movies. He was just lying there with his eyes closed until all of a sudden he opened his eye and just kept staring at us. It creeped the hell out of me.
Meerkats! I love meerkats c:
Oh and THIS alligator. He was just lying there with his giant jaw open. Was he laughing? Was he hungry? Was his jaw locked? I don't even know.
These hogs were so cool! They reminded me of the Lion King.
The giraffes were just being fed, so no good pictures :c but the baby giraffe was so cute!
Elephants! I love elephants! (I still sleep with a elephant plush every night Cx) This one was just playing around with water. Such a badass. There was also a little baby one, but I couldn't get any good pictures.. 
They also had a brand new butterfly garden, which are always so dreamy and relaxing. I wish I could have one right on my balcony. Anyway, this is probably where I would hang out all day if I were a butterfly. Right on those delicious fruits.
So pretty n.n
I didn't actually realize this butterfly was a see through one like we had been looking for until I saw this photograph -.-'
More prettiness!
Butterflies to-be! So cool.
This is one of my new favorite birds! This picture doesn't do their amazing color justice. They are SO BRIGHT.
You can see their vibrantness a little better here.
And of course a visit to my favorite part of the zoo: the aquarium. I love that place, especially the aquarium tunnel. The jelly fish are dreamy too (even though I'm terrified of them!).
Fishies everywhere!
And of course,some drawings! I didn't actually make these at the zoo, since it's literally impossible to draw there without people constantly looking at you and commenting on it or forming a giant hoard of kids around you, which is something my anxious self can't handle.

I was exhausted by the end of the day, but it was definitely a fun break from all the hard work!

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