Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday Tasting: Strawberry Milk Tea!

The other day I was walking around my local asian grocery store, when this cute cup caught my eye:

Strawberry Milk Tea! Milk Tea + Strawberry + cute pink packaging = NEED! The only thing that made me hesitate getting it was the fact that there were no dutch or english instructions on how to prepare it, but I figured I'd be able to figure it out with my awesome cooking skills. Let the experiment begin!
This is what was in the cup when I opened it. A packet of milk tea powder, packet of tapica pearls and a bendy straw n.n
With my awesome language skills I figured out that I had to put the powder in first (I don't think it the order  matters much though.. T.T) The powder smelled HEAVENLY, if you've ever had milky strawberry snacks/ice cream/whatever before, you'll know what I'm talking about. If KAWAII had a smell, it would smell like this.
Next, I decided to add boiled water! It already started looking like something drinkable and delicious...
Aaaaaand finally: throw in the pearls! I didn't photograph them, but they're basically little brown tasteless gummy balls :P This resulted in...

Then it was time to taste this little baby. I waited for it to cool off a little bit an d then took my first sip. OMG WHAT IS THIS MAGIC? Seriouly, it was delicious. The pearls weren't really necessary though in my opinion. Most of them didn't get through until I was almost through the entire thing, but since they're packed seperately you can just leave them out if you want c:

If any of my Dutch readers want to try it too: you can find it at Amazing Oriental.
Have you ever had milk tea? Did you like it? Have a wonderful day!

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