Friday, June 28, 2013

Kawaii Guy, cute nails and wonderlands!

 Current Loves 

Kobayashi aka "kawaii guy"
This guy is my number 1 inspiration right now. I had seen pictures of him floating around online, but just couldn't find out who he was! But then I finally found this video and found out what an incredible inspiring person he truly is. My faith in humanity is restored a little again.

OPI's Minnie Mouse inspired nail polish

Sooooo cute! I definitely want to get my hands on this (and then get it on my nails!!)

Kirsten Dunst - Turning Japanese
I first came across a picture of Kirsten Dunst in Harajuku gear on Pinterest, and I just HAD to find out what it was from! Well it led me to this music video and ummm well, IT'S FREAKING AMAZING. It's my personal soundtrack right now.

Cute nail stickers from Js Utopia

Ohmy. Etsy shop Js Utopia is probably the best place for nail stickers ever. Go check it out! They have sooooo many!

I absolutely adore this photoset. But then again, I almost adore every single picture on Rookie.

Viva Cute Candy Hairsalon
I can't even... this is just so perfect. This place is definitely on my list of places I want to visit. Why can't there be places like this all over the world!?

Taylor Swift Wonderland magazine photoshoot

So many people hate on Taylor, but I just love her. And I think this photoshoot she did with Wonderland is just darling... 

Nitty Scott "Flower Child" music video
Even though the music isn't necessarily my thing, I absolutely LOVE this music video!

After watching Helen Melonlady's video on Unicorn Hair I'm inspired to touch up my own hair a little bit again! Not gonna go unicorn though, just (some various shades of) pink n.n I wish I could get it super vibrant bubblegum pink, but it's such a hassle. And if I want to get all of the brassiness out of my hair I'd have to bleach it 2+ times which is just too much. And I'm impatient. So I'll stick with almost perfect hot pink hair for now.

Have a lovely day/weekend! I'm finally getting to visit my mommy again! So my weekend will probably be filled with lots of tea, chocolate, Scrabble games and soap operas.

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