Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Shoe Shopping Dx

Never have I enjoyed shoe shopping. I mean, I've always LOVED having a new pair of shoes (I'd basically sleep in them when I was little, or put them on first thing in the morning), but shopping for them was always hell. I didn't like most of them, they were all boring. I'd always gravitate to the hot pink ankle boots or insane platform sandals that were always too big for me, but I begged for anyway. I still think most general shoe stores are boring, but luckily we still have ONLINE SHOPS! They don't make deciding on a new pair much easier though..
I've been drooling over lolita shoes for a while now, and I finally want to make up my mind as to which ones I want to save some money for. I just can't decide! At first the pink ones with the bows were on the top of my list, but now I also really like the black platform ones without the bows. They'd also go with more outfits, BUT their platform is even higher *_* First world problems, I know. This is basically one of those things I worry about when I wake up at 6 am and sip my first cup of green tea of the day.
sparkle sparkle magical shoes!
I could also get the boots, since summer will soon be over and I never had boots/decent fall/winter shoes before. Not sure if you can call platform lolita boots decent though hehe n.n Which ones are your favorite? Do you have any other awesome pairs/online shops to share with me (and make it even more difficult to decide)? 

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