Friday, July 5, 2013

Inspiration: If I have you, I'll be okay.

One more presentation... this monday, and then vacation will finally be here! I've been dying of anxiety for days now, it's terrible. I just wish it was all over already. I've watched Say Anything two times already this week (it calms me down a little). Today I came across that amazing piece of art of mr. John Cusack and his boombox by Lucky Jackson. I need it in my life. I also love the floral, delicate art by Kari Herer!

Pinterest is also a welcome distraction from school. I love pinning on my Burlesque Babes board right now ♥ Finally, isnt that purple to pink ombre hair the prettiest? I want to try and recreate something similar (but probably the other way around) c:

Have a lovely weekend with lots of fun stuff!

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