Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pink Phone, Pops and cute zombies.

I just returned from a long and eventful weekend at my mom's! And guess what happened!? 
I got my first smartphone! 
For forever I've been lugging around second hand phones, most of them Nokias. My last phone's screen was entirely cracked and the battery had actually swollen up so it wouldn't fit properly anymore. But it still worked. It had a glow in the dark unicorn sticker on it. So I used it until... it was basically impossible to read anything anymore and it just died every time I pressed a button. I just didn't want to become a 'smartphone zombie', staring at that stupid thing all day instead of talking to people. But I hardly talk to anyone anyway so I thought 'oh what the hell! Let's do this!'.

So I got an iPhone 4. Obviously I got a nice hotpink case to start with, but I definitely want to get something different eventually, and add a cute phone charm. I've been up until past 4 am to play with this ridiculous thing. It is now already filled with Hello Kitty and puricute apps. T.T Do you know any more apps I should definitely get?
Cappuccino, pink and new phone!
Besides a phone, I also got some random stuff I don't need but yet DO need in my life. Hello Kitty lollipops, an ice cream watergun and some cute washi tape!

Luckily the weater was mostly nice so I got to laze around in the sun, read 1Q84 (one of the greatest books ever) and eat these sour rainbow jelly beans my sister got me!

I also spotted this little guy stashed away somewhere behind some boxes at a local thrift store. Poor Mr. Clean. He keeps on smiling though!
I'm off now playing Hello Kitty World again, so cute! Does anyone else play it? Because I need more friends! Or just any other game. Haha yes I am probably going to be a smartphone zombie, but I'll be like a... cute/kawaii smartphone zombie? I'm sorry guys.

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