Friday, August 30, 2013

Candy corn & sparkly spiders.

Yesterday were my first 30 min. at school again. Surprisingly it caused me way less anxiety than I thought it would. I'm super duper excited about finishing up and sending out my exchange application for MICA and also to start focusing more on what I really want to do. I don't quite know what I really want to do yet, but I'm looking forward to figuring it out.

Afterwards some friends and I went to Amsterdam, just for funs c: It was a very welcome day of fun, yummy food and some minor shopping. I was most happy with finally getting my hands on some candy corn again! I missed that stuff. Even just looking at it makes me happy (and miss America and its wonderful halloween shops like crazy). I also couldn't resist taking some Reese's and Twizzlers with me. Nomnomnom!
We also visited a shop with EVERYTHING CATS. Cats & Things. The kitties there were so cute...
My delightful jar filled with candy corn and some cute earrings I got! I already have two pairs of spider earrings now... though, I'm not sure if I can really call them spiders since they only have six legs. But oh well. It's not like you see pink, sparkly spiders walking around every day anyway.
These pictures were taken earlier, but I thought they went nicely with the ones above it teehee. I'm obsessed with sticking diamonds on my nails lately (with a little dot of top coat polish) and I also looooove editing pictures on my iPhone with the Picute app!

Last three days of summer. I'm ready.

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