Thursday, September 12, 2013

My life is about cake and cuteness.

Hi there! Just a fun, quick little update on life right now c: Still trying to stay sane. For some reason drawing still depresses me so I just try to work with collage for school assignments right now. I just try to keep surrounding myself with cute stuff and sweet people. Also, I decided this new place in town called 'the Tea Lab'. It's seriously amazing...

I got a mango green tea with mango pearls in it and a green tea cake. That cake. OMG. I almost died (in a good way) when I had my first bite. It's the greatest thing ever and I could eat just that for the rest of my life. The tea was SO good, too. New favorite place for sure!

That day I also picked up some cute things for school + other knick-knacks I couldn't resist.
Cute sticky tabs and memo notes, rilakkuma pen, Hello Kitty mechanical pencils, bright notebooks and some random deco stuff!
Oh the perks of my roommate working at Lush... today she gave me this originally Japanese Lush FUN product which is basically a soap you can mould into all kinds of shapes and smells like ice cream and freshly baked cake (aka vanilla :P)! I've been tempted to eat it more than once already.

I also got these super cute purple bat lights today! So excited at least some shops over here have Halloween stuff.

I also want to share this wonderful short documentary on Lolita fashion with you: Sugar Coated. It's incredibly inspiring and seriously made me cry.
'I think you should be allowed to enjoy and love whatever you like, despite what you look like, how old you are or how small or big you may be. It doesn't matter. If you love it... just be true to yourself and forget about those who hate it'

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