Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall break re-cap!

Hello lovelies! I have returned from my fall break. Apparently I needed a little break from blogging, too. Let me share all the lovely things of my little break with you...

homemade applesauce with lots of cinnamon  plaid shirts  Taking care of a lot of paperwork/America being so so so close finish knitting my scarf cookie scented candles  perfect sunny yet chilly fall days

Finding HUGE fly agarics!  My first try at felting. It's so awesome! Especially when you're frustrated and all you want to do is stab someone. Like voo-doo with a cuter end result c:  Last Cat Fish episode of season 2  finally watching Kick-ass 2 (lovelovelove it!)

cooking pumpkin dishes  New boots!! I got some high black doc Martens! My first actual fall/winter boots in YEARS. I'm absolutely smitten with them. It's awesome how a new pair of shoes can make you feel soooo much better. Eeep! I'm still a little kid when it comes to getting new shoes. I'll wear them all day and put them in my room so I can look at them every few minutes ^.^  Collecting fall stuff in the woods and putting together a little 'fall table' in the living room

Having a shopping break. Okay, apart from the shoes (which were necessary because my feet were being ruined by old sneakers) I haven't went shopping for so long! For myself anyway. Only the necessary stuff. I kind of lost interest in shopping, and had to save money anyway. I only buy presents for others now and it feels amazing.  the songs 'Wide open plain' by Doug Paisley, 'Ours' by Taylor Swift ♥ baking apple pie (and eating it, obviously)

Watching old home videos. Mainly of me doing some crazy dancing. I had no idea I used to dance so much lol  Binge watching American Horror Story, my new obsession

hot chocolate  watching Cats and Dogs with my little niece  Working in the garden

♥ aaaaand.. dyeing my hair half pink half purple

Thank you all so much for all the congrats on my last post n.n I hope you will have a wonderful week.

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