Saturday, October 19, 2013

We are pleased to inform you...

Aaaahh! Finally the answer I had been waiting for for so long! I got accepted to MICA in Baltimore, Maryland which means I will get to study illustration for about 4 months in the USA. And I won't be going alone because my dear friend Alette got accepted too! Double awesomeness!

Some of you may not know this, but after I graduated from high school I went to New York by myself and travelled around the east coast area and all the way up to Niagara Falls.

But Baltimore definitely stood out for me, and after finding out they even had an art school I didn't want to leave! But I had to eventually to not risk being banned from America FOREVER. Since then it had been my dream to go back there and study illustration. That's already over three years ago!

And now it's finally happening! Well, there's still a lot of business (a.k.a boring paper work) to be taken care of. I've got to fill out forms on what kind of music I like (and how loud), if I would describe myself nerdy or not and if I ever use marijuana. Okay, and some more 'serious' official stuff. But I got accepted! Aaah! 
What a way to start my fall break. If I can even call it a break now because now I have ALL this stuff to take care off. But I'm not complaining. Have a lovely weekend!! I promise that soon I will be back with longer and more interesting posts n.n

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