Thursday, October 17, 2013

My life is all about art and fun mail.

I'm SO ready for a break, and a shopping spree, and travels to far off places, and a bath filled with candy corn. But nope, I can't have any of that yet. And it sucks. But let's move on to positive stuff now!

Yesterday I had a portfolio night, which basically means everybody sets up their own little table with their work and people/businesses come to check out your work. It was a little scary, but a great experience to have people other than my mom tell me they really like my work. This was my little set up (the pink half, obviously):
I lovelovelove my brand new purple portfolio! Normally portfolios are black or white or whatever, but then I found this one and it was love at first sight. I later found out they also have it in pink, but I was already head over heals in love with this one that I couldn't really care less that the pink version was already sold out everywhere. This was the very first time I put together a 'professional' portfolio and I felt pretty damn good putting everything together. Like I got over another big hump in my illustration journey. One step at a time c:

Feeling a little 'meh' today since the last school days have been pretty intense. But my dear friend Alex came to the rescue with one of her amazing packages!!
Too much goodness in one parcel n.n
I loved the Nightmare before Christmas figurines she sent me!
Here is Sally posing with some delicious smelling gells.

This was kind of a short post, but I'll probably have more to talk about when my fall break starts! Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!

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