Sunday, February 2, 2014

♥ Christmas in Canada ♥

Hello lovelies! It has certainly been a while.. my life has done a complete 180 and therefore this blog got a little neglected. I have so many pictures to share though so I reckoned I shouldn't procrastinate any longer and start posting some on here! Ready for the cold? :)

The day right before I arrived in Toronto, Canada there had been a huge ice storm.. it got me a little worried about my flight but luckily I had no delays whatsoever! All I got was some amazing scenery the next day (and a whole lot of icy coldness when I got off the plane, brrrrr). Anyway, all the trees (and everything else) was covered in ice and it sure did some insane damage I had never seen before...
I think I took these pictures on christmas day...  I arrived on christmas eve, got picked up by my lovely boyfriend and his friend at the airport and was welcomed by a wonderful family where I continued to stay for the next 4 weeks.
 Snoooooow everywhere! My first snow of the year! A white christmas after all ^^
This is some of the crazy damage the ice storm did. Branches just broke off and trees split right through the middle.
A few days later, on the 28th, we had a christmas (dinner) party where I got to meet even more amazing people! And finally had a good excuse to use my mini instax polaroid again :)
After a long night, the boyfriend and I went to Disney on Ice the next day. Obviously there were a lot of kids, but it was still awesome. The costumes, skaters and effects were amazing. I tried taking some pictures, but they just wouldn't stand still! I guess that's a good thing though..
Be our guest..
 I think this was Under the Sea!
After that we went to get some dinner and walked around downtown Toronto for a little bit (it was cooooold). The CN Tower even had christmas colors!
 The Times Square of Toronto...
 And of course... ice cream! Because it was cold and ice cream is awesome.
Those were the first few days of my Canada adventures. More to come soon when I can be bothered to sort and edit more pictures. I can tell you though: booking that ticket has been one of the best decisions I ever made n.n

Hope everyone is doing well and had a good start of 2014!

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