Friday, April 25, 2014

45 things you (probably) don't know about me

45 things you (probably) don't know about me

1. I had a black rabbit named Snoopie as a kid. I would take her with me every holiday and walk around the campsite with her on a lease
2. I used to be (and still kind of am) terrified of doing a forward roll (let alone a backward one!)
3. Someone once seriously asked me if my natural hair colour is pink
4. I'm naturally a red head
5. My hands and feet are ALWAYS cold
6. When I go out for lunch and they have tuna sandwiches, that's what I'll order. It's my mission to try every tuna sandwich there is.
7. I used to hate pink until about 3 years ago
8. Same counts for Hello Kitty
9. I basically eat anything, except for liver
10. I used to take horse riding lessons until one day I got kicked in the shin. I really want to ride again though.
11. I've never watched The Godfather and I'm too ashamed to tell anyone
12. As a kid I once stole a single earring with a (fake) diamond on it from a store. I felt so badass
13. I used to win a lot of colouring contests
14. So far my career choices have been: veterinarian, 'something with horses', writer, tattoo artist and illustrator.
15. I used to play piano, but I never got really good at it
16. I can't work with a mac. I tried countless of times, but it's just not happening. PC forever.
17. When we went on holiday to the Caribbean I got my entire hair braided and it hurt SO BAD. Both getting it done and taking it out.
18. I can't (under)stand people who 'aren't dessert people'
19. I also can't stand people who don't finish their plate or eat very slow
20. When I was about 10 years old I won a book writing + illustrating contest with a story about a dog that dies of cancer and leaves behind a sad little puppy. I still don't know how I ever came up with that story.
21. I can't go a day without eating bread
22. I love doing the dishes
23. When people tell me they don't like to eat a specific something, I take that as a challenge. Like, I will 'hide' the disliked ingredient in the dish, or make something vegetarian for a meat lover and not tell them there's no meat in it. Usually people love what I cooked them and I take a lot of joy telling them my secret afterwards :P
24. I liked the world better when it didn't have smartphones
25. I'm pretty shy, but when I have to act out something or someone I go all out!
26. My favorite alcoholic drink is a dirty Somersby, which is apple cider with blueberry vodka
27. I used to be a horrible nail biter (so bad that it made people cringe), until one day, I just stopped. Now I can't imagine doing it anymore
28. The year I turned 11, I was extremely upset when I didn't receive a letter of acceptance from Hogwarts.
29. I used to write fanfiction about Frank and Gerard from My Chemical Romance
30. I talk (and apparently also giggle?) in my sleep. I can also get pretty violent (kick or slap you in the face :P)
31. I grew up on an island
32. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast
33. I know how to do Reiki. When I was young I had some classes and I kept doing it a little bit ever since. I like to believe it really does work, if even just a little bit.
34. I'm already an aunt 7 times!
35. When I was in middle school people teased me by calling me a lighthouse (since I was so much taller than everyone else and had red hair) and I remember it used to really upset me.
36. The only part of my body I've ever broken is my arm. By falling off of my bike (oh Dutch people and their bicycles..)
37. I only own 3 pairs of socks
38. and only one pair of pants
39. I've never had a nickname. It's always been just Sarah (or Saar for my Dutch family and friends)
40. 90% of the books I read are from the 'young adult' section
42. I have the greatest fear of 'bumping' into a jellyfish whenever I go swimming in the sea. Sometimes I'm brave and go in anyway, but usually... no.
43. I apologize to everything I run into. Chairs, cats, plants.. everything.
44. If the shower sucks, I am not a happy person
45. I am actually a ninja.

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