Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thankful for bubblegum and 90's music!

Last Sunday I saw a meteorite and I was honestly waiting for the world to explode. But I'm still alive and well! Feeling a bit 'meh' today. I've been feeling sick for a good few days now, but not too sick to stay in bed all day. It might just be hay fever or something (sore throat, irritated eyes..), but whenever I feel like this I like making a big gratitude list :) Despite not feeling 100% amazing, I've had some great days with great people (which is also why my blog has been a little neglected..). The weeks are flying by, something fun is happening every week (Flatliners concert this Thursday!! ) AND summer is still not here.. will it ever come??

Getting a delicious tuna melt with bbq sauce for dinner at Johnny Rockets  Marathoning Game of Thrones  trying the 'secret' banana split blizzard at Dairy Queen (vanilla ice cream with banana split toppings mixed in, yum!)  brunch at Panera Bread  going on a teahunt  dancing on a Friday night until I could hardly stand on my feet anymore  sleeping in the next day and doing absolutely nothing  watching hockey (I'm actually really getting into it! Go Bruins!)  hubba bubba bubblegum kisses  seeing a meteorite in the sky  working hard on the Bioshock tattoo  peanut butter rolo ice cream.. omg.  being a champion at beer pong  90's dance music  drawing on an extra dramatic cat eye for extra fierceness  doing more meditation and relaxating yoga (and feeling amazing afterwards) - receiving a cute tropical flavoured Hello Kitty lipbalm from Maria :)  watermelon and strawberries  the stargazing app on my phone  Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey daydreaming about summer  my dad and his crazy bicycle adventures...

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