Friday, April 4, 2014

Review: Joico Color Intensity PINK hairdye

Since the place where I usually buy my pink Stargazer hairdye isn't around the corner anymore, I thought this would be a nice opportunity to try some other brands! I got this dye at the so called 'The Beauty Supply Centre', a place where you can buy professional/salon hairproducts. They had this Joico Color Intensity PINK creme hairdye, which I had never seen or heard of before and looked pretty interesting. For around $14 CAD I got this 118 ml tube. Let's see how it works for me shall we...

What I always do is I dilute my pink dye with conditioner because:
     1. it'll last me longer (and since I touch up my hair once a week that saves me a lot of money) and
     2. because the color on itself is usually way too dark and
     3. because one tube/bottle of the hairdye itself usually isn't even enough to dye my whole head of hair
So I did the same thing as usual: I dumped a lot of cheap conditioner in a tub and added a small squeeze of dye. which is usually enough. With this dye I only got a really pale pink though, which is pretty but not the kind of pink I wanted to go for. So I added more... and more.. and more... until I used over half of the tube and decided to stop before I would use it all up in one go. (you always want the mixture to be a bit darker than the colour you're going for)

Then I applied to mixture all over my hair and covered it with a showercap and left it on for about one hour. What I did notice was that it didn't stain my skin as bad as my usual dye, but I actually don't consider that to be a good thing because to me it feels like then the color won't stick to my hair as well either.

Eventually I rinsed my hair with luke warm water, let it air dry and styled it as usual with some moroccan oil and a straightener + heat protecting spray. And this is the finished result! Left in natural light, right with the light from our regular lamps.

It basically gave me the same result as my usual Stargazer dye, I just needed a lot more pink dye to get the color I wanted. I simply don't feel like spending $14 every other week. I don't know what it will look like after one wash, but I feel it will fade just as much as the Stargazer dye (which means touching it up every week if you want to keep it vibrant). Maybe if you just want some strands of pink hair this product is great, but other than that I wouldn't recommend it.

For next time I'm actually planning on ordering Jerome Russel Punky Colour in Flamingo Pink, since I was very impressed with the turquoise I had a few years ago (and it's only $9.39 on Amazon!). I'll do a review on that as well when I do :)

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