Thursday, May 19, 2011

Corgis in my dreams.


(Seriously Sarah? I this the only face you can make these days?)

I almost forgot how much influence sunny days can have on your mood.
To celebrate I got my favorite 'candy' bar... HEAVEN
...and some new teas to try out. The one I tried this morning is this one. I mainly got it because of the colors, but also because Lotus tea sounded pretty interesting. And I love Yogi Tea.
Pretty pink tea bags! What I also like about this tea is that every bag comes with some sort of wisdom or inspiring saying on the label. The ones in this box were all new to me (up until now I had the same ones quite a lot)! Some don't really make sense, but I liked the one I had this time c:

In other news: be sure to check out yet another one of my short tales at my Flickr.
The tale of Kitty Starfish
At first Kitty Starfish was part of my tale about the Cat Fish, but I decided to do seperate tales for them instead. I've been making my own little books and stories ever since I was a little kid, so finally making stuff like this again is so much fun to me teehee!

I really hope the sun will stick around. It makes life so much more bearable. You know what also makes life more bearable? Dreams about Corgis! I had one last night and I'm sure it's because I stumbled across this picture before I went to sleep:
You shall be mine.


  1. Those are the best glasses! The tea looks cool too. I just love tea! I've never even seen that kind though, i'll have to look for it.

  2. @Grace Aww thank you ^.^ Yogi tea is the best, especially their 'original' one