Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today consisted of:
- The Aristocats Soundtrack on repeat
- Hanging out with Marie
- Drinking coconut tea
- getting lots of fun postcards in the mail! (and my ticket for Bright Eyes!)
- Writing/illustrating a short story: The tale of the Cat Fish

I got the idea for this while on the ferry to and from my island. It started out with me drawing a mermaid cat and the poem kind of formed itself in my head while I was drawing it. I often can't stand people who are too picky about their food (as in hardly liking anything, not if you're allergic or something), so this is kind of my way to take it out on those people (even though I think turning into a mermaid creature isn't that much of a punishment but yeah..)
You can view the full tale on my Flickr.

And yesterday I got this little drawing from my cousin and she said to me: 'look this is a party and that is a  pretty girl, and that pretty girl is you!' Can you say cutest thing ever? <3


  1. awwww your cousin is so nicee :] and it looks cute, i mean, the little tale, for no reason it just reminded me of Edward Gorey's first tales --


  2. Coconut tea? How does that taste?

  3. @Grace it actually really does taste like coconut! I've tried a couple of others before but this one beats them all by far. Which I didn't expect from a tea that's only one euro.