Sunday, May 15, 2011

That awkward moment when you realize no man will match up to your dream man because your dream man is not actually a human being…he’s an animated character.

But still, any guy who likes Cowboy Bebop or looks even remotely like Spike is boyfriend material to me.

I remember when I went to check out an art school a couple of months ago and some students had their work and inspiration spread out on a table and I noticed this art book of Cowboy Bebop lying around and my mind was like 'omg who is this from I want to marry you!'. But unfortunately I never found out. Forever alone.

I should finally get those iron-on transfer sheets and make some custom Cowboy Bebop totes and shirts.

Sometimes I feel like Tumblr would be a more appropiate place for me with all my ramblings. I might just consider switching. But I don't know. I kinda like Blogspot.

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