Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Inspired by Chikuwaemil I've been working a bit in my semi-new Moleskine sketchbook. I'm really liking this new way of creating so far. And I got a 'fizzy lollipop' yesterday. It didn't fizz as much as I expected, but it was yummy, and I guess that's what's most important. <3
Yesterday was also the day I had my first swim in the sea this summer! The heat was insane so i figured this was the perfect day and manohman.. it was so lovely. There even was a seal who came to swim with us! He was seriously only a few feet away, which was fun but also a little scary as suddenly these thoughts of him biting my legs off or suddenly popping up in front of my face. Seals really are only cute from a distance okay?

And look at how great the cherries in our garden look.. omnomnom.I SEE CHERRY PIE.
p.s. you like my doodled pictures?

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  1. LOVE the doodled pictures. So cute. And I love the artwork! Also adorable.