Thursday, June 30, 2011

June's Inspiration

Doing this month's inspiration post a little different as I got so much to link to! Also everything put together turned out to create a wonderful color theme of pink and green. Those two colors have even been popping up in my dreams regularly too, is my mind trying to tell me something? Pink and mint green hair maybe?

LOTS MORE of other Disney Soundtracks I won't bore you with

Pirates of the Caribbean on strange tides (and its vicious mermaids!)

Paradise Kiss anime! I had been wanting to watch this for ages and finally did so this month. Lovelovelove it
Twinkie Chan (deff. check out her website, it's so cute! Just like herself.)

Frozen berries + Greek Yogurt. Can't stop eating this, especially now it's so hot outside. 
Veggie chips. I'm not a big chips/crisps fan at all but these are SO good (and healthy-ish)

Dollybeast and her blog. Whenever she posts something new I’m inspired +10000
Betty Brosmer
Vintage circus pictures and posters
Locketship art/photos & accessories and gallery pictures
Designing and making felt plushies
Designing tattoos for a friend (and myself a little too!)
Kawaii Themed amusement parks. Like Sanrio Puroland somebody take me there please and then forget to take me home so I can live there forever.
  • I eat Yucky Stuff button 
  • a cute schoolbag
  • Japanese candy  -> choc/banana pocky, green tea kitkat
  • an awesome new book to read, any recommendations?
  • new swimwear (it’s NOT cute to go swimming in a swimsuit that’s 4 sizes too big) Some I’m loving: Rooftop Cabana Swimsuit, Beach Blanket Bingo Two Piece in black or red, Bathing Beauty one piece in red (all found on
  • Jell-o Mold lamp
  • Hello Kitty Tub (oh I wish.)
  • Monkey Picked Tea! (would go well with that Pocky right?)

And I'm just gonna leave this here.

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