Saturday, July 16, 2011

Room Inspiration

Since I'll be moving to my very first own place soon I reckoned it's time for some...
Room inspiration!
I'm digging that cute little table. I'm thinking of just getting one big table to both work and eat on.
But when I don't feel like cleaning it up something like this would be perfect. <3
I'm not a big Hannah Beth fan, but her apartment looks pretty awesome.
I can haz this chair plz?

I'm thinking light colors like pink and white with a 'retro'/'vintage' edge. I really like the idea of painting 'old' furniture to still have a classic look but with a new bright coating. My brother said he's got plenty of stuff lying around he needs to get rid of so who knows! Though I'm also kind of excited to go to thrift stores and see if they got any treasures lying/standing/hanging around. I honestly suck at home decorating though, so it probably won't turn out as spectacular as I envision it.

But screw all that. Can I just live here instead?
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