Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yesterday we finally had a sunny day again, which means: ICE CREAM.
I had Bubblegum and Bounty (coconut/chocolate) ice cream and it was so good. I hadn't been to this ice cream parlor for ages while they have some of my favorite flavors, but I had to visit this store to check if they had this Hello Kitty bedset (and they did!!) so I had a perfect excuse to drop by. And have sweet sweet dreams afterwards.

I also went hunting in the garden for little creatures and pretty flowers again

This silly butterfly just sat and chilled on our fake plastic roses and didn't mind me taking a whole load of pictures.
Sometimes my camera's focus is a little... off. But pretty cool at the same time.

And today it's grey again, but at least I got free candy in the mail so it's all good! Nomnom!

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