Saturday, August 27, 2011

Going the Distance

I am just going to make a post about this movie 
because it's one of the best romcoms I have seen so far.
There I was in the train, just minding my own business, until suddenly a random idea popped up in my head. I had to watch Going the Distance once I got home (and prepare some noodles obviously because I was hungry as hell). Do you guys ever get that? That your mind just suddenly comes up with something you just have to do, like buy a pint of Ben and Jerry's strawberry cheesecake and eat it until you're sick or obviously watch a movie you hardly know anything about.
I have to say my mind has great ideas though. Very great ideas. This movie is freaking incredible. It was also a pleasant surprise that Charlie Day was in it too. I mean come on, why don't you ever see baby pigeons in the city? No but it made me laugh like a crazy person and cry all at the same time and when a movie can do that to you it's good in my eyes. And it obviously included travelling again. I love travel/roadtrip movies so this one had to be right up my alley. But you should all just go watch it.

To slightly inform you on what it's about (if you couldn't guess already) I have three words: 
long distance relationship.
That's all folks.
End of silly movie review.


  1. I do get that sometimes except it's more along the lines of "when I get home I must draw stick figures of dinosaurs" or "I must immediately work on my short story about a guy who thinks he's turning into a dinosaur"... lots of stuff to do with dinosaurs, actually.
    That looks like a cute movie, I'll have to see it.

  2. Also! I changed my blog, have you seen it?

  3. @Grace I checked it out just now :) it looks great! And the title is awesome.