Friday, August 26, 2011

My first few days of school have been intense. We got a pretty hard assignment thrown at us from day one. But I had a fun group with lots of great ideas which resulted in this bedlight.
The idea was to design something for an empty square in town, so imagine this bedlight being 8 metres tall and 6 metres wide, illuminating a square in the dark winter days. We also had the idea for a giant lava lamp but they dismissed that idea. How can you dismiss a giant lava lamp? Seriously. We didn't win a prize in the end but I think it turned out awesome.
I'm excited about my new schedule (no class on Monday!) and really excited about all the new classes. Drawing, photography and other subjects I didn't have in high school at all. I still got to get used to the fact that all the students there have creative minds, talent, a passion for art in any form. It's so great being in such a creative environment. c:

But for now I'm glad the weekend is here and I can make cute origami!


  1. That's an adorable bedlamp! And really, I don't know how anyone could just dismiss a lava lamp.

  2. I loved the bedlamp, seriouly <3 and congrats by the way! Im sorry i didn't sent you still the postcard, but i'll do as soon as possible. By the way, i have found some cute stuff maybe someday i'll send you ^^


  3. @Alexandra don't worry about it, I still haven't send you my card yet either!