Thursday, December 22, 2011

artsy stuff.

Holidays are almost here.. time to slow down for a little bit. School has been crazy. Mostly fun crazy, but not always. I'm glad I was able to finish most projects before the holidays, though I still feel like I have a mad lot of stuff to do.

Anyway, I did my first etches! I can't say I'm all that impressed with the end result in comparison with all the preperations that had to be done beforehand, but it was still pretty fun to work on.
And I'm starting to tackle Illustrator! I'm actually starting to enjoy working with it. This is my very first yet to be finished package design. I must sound like such a noob when I say I've been working on this alone for over 7 hours.. -_-

Oh and I got the cutest Little Twin Stars necklace and bracelet today <3 yay for the H&M kids section!
I'm so excited for the Doctor Who christmas special!! 
Now when is that goddamn first snow coming?


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