Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sugar Coma Bunny

I present you my newest pride and joy: Sugar Coma Bunny!
We had to make something based on the clippings we had been collecting over the past few months. Mine included lots of animals, food, colors and cuteness (surprise!) and I was more than psyched about working on this! It's all completely handmade with air drying clay, acrylic paint and a high gloss finish. Some details:
Candies! One of them is covered with real sugar.
Bunny detail on the golden spoon.
Bunny tootsies! Are they made of chocolate? Who knows.
My teacher thought it looked pretty cool too, so that's a relieve. Right now I'm working very hard on a little book that's bunny themed too. Can't wait 'til the holidays, I'm exhausted.


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