Sunday, January 15, 2012

Digital artist in the making.

I dug up an old sketch to practice on with illustrator. I'm getting there, with baby steps that is. But I'm slowly starting to hate it less, so that's definitely something!
Yes, even with digital art I love spilling tea and coffee on my work.
Digital artists, you have my respect.

If you know any awesome tips, tricks or tutorials for illustrator, please share them with me! Anything is welcome! <3


  1. @Pixie This is all done by mouse! I do have a tablet, but I'm gonna practice with it later on (:

  2. I am impressed that you did that all by mouse. My husband uses a wacom tablet and loves it.

  3. @Pixie I've got a wacom too, it's awesome indeed c:

  4. I think your work in Illustrator looks awesome! Very cute and colourful, I particularly like the tea + coffee textures. I use a mouse too, except I do my illustrations mostly in FreeHand MX. Sometimes I get frustrated when I use Illustrator!