Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yucky Paper and Yummy Coconut.

After cleaning up (and filling two trashbags with a ridiculous amount of stuff I once thought was worth saving) I found some awesome stained papers to work on. Yes I love gross old paper!
This makes me smile.
Yay for old supply testing papers!
Nomming on fresh coconut strips with mango dip! <3
I also thought it would be fun to share some pages of my dummy/sketchbook with you guys. I also think they kind of clarify why I love messy paper. In my opinion browsing through my own, or someone elses sketchbook is one of the most fun and inspiring things to do. It's usually a hundred times more interesting than the final works of an artist c:
See the purple squirrel on the left? His name is Pete and he's real!
Regina Spektor has been playing on repeat today, especially Better. Haha I love how somebody says in the comments how the women in the video look like the Doctor and River's children, and they really do as a matter of fact!

And don't forget to hug someone today, as it's National Hugging Day! I'll just hug my giant elephant plushie.

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