Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I ate Mickey, Daisy and Cinderella.

Even though I'm on a health kick (which is going great, I already feel so much better :)), I really wanted to go by one of my favorite shops to get some strange goodies!
First up are these Mangosteen Wafers. I had no idea what a mangosteen was! Apparently it's a tropical fruit and coincidently, it's also a 'superfruit'! Anyway, they looked so awesome that I just had to try them...
Like I kind of expected they didn't look as awesome as on the package (but they matched my nailpolish!). They didn't taste that good either. Personally I don't think a fruity flavor is supposed to be mixed with wafers :) The coconut chips are delicious though! Omnomnom. They have a sweet yet.. chips/crispy flavor
And finally: Disney Strawberry cookies! Look at that sweetness! Naturally, they were delicious. I knew they would be. I just bought them because of the high cuteness factor.
In creative news: I got a new journal/scrap/sketchbook! I love it so much! I think the fact it has paper brown pages is awesome. I've been keeping journals ever since I was little, and those journals mainly consist of pages and pages of my own personal ramblings. I've decided to get more creative when it comes to journalling my life so it will be even more fun to look back into them later on.
Cutesy stickers!
The first pages, about me longing for the English countryside and how great Pride and Prejudice is.
I might post some pages every once in a while. Only two more days until the holidays.. can't wait to go back home for a week..!


  1. OoOOoo I almost bought those mini mouse cookies today at T&T ! Glad to know they are yummy I'll pick them up next time!!

  2. @Amber MissMew haha what a coincidence! I absolutely recommend getting them c: and also thank you for following <3