Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wake Up. Drink Up.


I'm always on the hunt for things that will help me live a healthier life! Since Christmas I've really lost my self control when it comes to food, but I am determined to get back to my healthier self again! Not because I feel like I need to loose weight, but because I feel a hundred times better when I don't constantly eat sugary goodness (BADNESS!).

Now, I've already stocked up on veggies, fruits and other awesome power food, but another challenge I'm going for this week is: drink more water! Starting with 16 oz. right when I wake up to be exact.

I'm really loving her youtube channel Blogilates TV, there are tons of great work outs on there and other videos that will definitely motivate you and your healthy living! You should also check out the blog! I am determined to stick with drinking that water every morning for at least a week! Even though I drink quite some tea every day it's by far not enough to cover my daily need for water. I should get some lemons and fresh mint soon to make it tastier..

I would also like to share come recipes with you I've come across today:
- Pasta with vegetable tomato sauce I didn't expect this to be SO good!
- Banana ice cream made with... one frozen banana? I want to try it so bad.
- 40 calorie flour tortilla the fact that ready made tortillas have so many calories always kind of bothered me, so I can't wait to try these!
- Veggie Rainbow Wraps eat the rainbow! Healthy Happy Life is great in general for healthy recipes.

I want to start making smoothies more often again, they're sooo good (for you!)

Things on top of my grocery list right now:
- all natural peanut butter
- pineapple, 
- fresh mint
- lemons
- yogurt
- all natural fresh oatmeal

Did you eat your veggies and fruities today?


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