Friday, February 10, 2012

You'll Do.

Yesterday I posted all the Valentine's Day cards for all you abroad peoples! I hope they'll be right on time. If I were to receive cards on Valentine's Day, they'd look something like this

From Gemma Correll's sketchbook

I'm currently working on an illustration for an assignment about internet making us stupid, in Illustrator! I'm starting to get pretty proud of it, but I'll probably end up feeling crushed again when my teacher doesn't like it and I'll be lost as to what I'm supposed to do next.. Let's just hope he likes it, ok?
I don't have many more art updates. Right now I'm starting to work on my very own website, I'm counting how many people there are with matching coat/scarf/bag combinations and I'm trying out working with wood at a very basic 'cutting pieces into smaller pieces' level. Maybe I'll be able to make a wooden spoon some day soon.


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