Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Food + Art!

Food and art has to be one of the greatest combinations ever, so I'm gonna share an awesome artist with you and a super yummy (and naturally healthy!) recipe. Omnomnom!

Lets start with the food!
Lentil curry with chicken and coconut milk
1 cup of lentils, drained
About a cup of coconut milk
half an onion, in half rings
150 gr of chickenbreast
green curry paste (about two tablespoons)
3 cups/ 300 gr. of fresh spinach

How to prepare it:
1. Put the lentils and coconut milk in a pan and bring it to a boil
2. heat some oil in a skillet and bake onions for about 3 min. then add chicken, let it cook again for about 3 minutes
3. add green curry paste, lentils and coconut and bring to a boil
4. add spinach

Now divide it over two bowls and you're done! This recipe will serve two and is delicious with some naan bread. Enjoy c:
Noashi is a so called 'sunae' artist. She makes the most beautiful art with shiny, colorful sand! Feast your eyes on these delicious works. I'd love to try something similar sometime!

Sorry about the lack of personal art updates, I'm still not completely back into it.. Soon though.. soon.

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