Friday, April 20, 2012

The Hunger Games is amazing.

Enough said.
Maybe I'm a bit late with jumping on the bandwagon but I don't care because The Hunger Games truly is an amazing book. I finished it today. I started reading it yesterday. I haven't read a book so addicting since the final Harry Potter book (which feels like AGES ago). 

At first, Stephenie Meyer's name on the back with her praise for the book kind of put me off when I went to buy it (all of a sudden I had this impulse to go to the bookstore and get it, just out of the blue. It was destiny), but since everyone I know was all hyped up and raving over the whole thing I wanted to give it a try anyway. I'm glad I got over my 'I'm too cool for things everybody is talking about' attitude and DID give it a try. SO GLAD.

But now I'm AGONIZED because I don't have the next book and I'm dying to know how it continues! And then there's the movie of course! I'm planning on seeing it VERY SOON. Very, very soon. If our stupid cinema would be showing it I'd run there right now. But I guess our cinema does have an  'I'm too cool for things everybody is talking about' because all they're showing are movies I've never even heard of.

So go read it. Right now.
Just keep in my mind you might want to take the rest of the day off or just not sleep for a night because you won't be able to put it down.

Don't you just love it when you discover a new addiciting series of books? I am beyond excited. Is it possible to fall in love with a book? Because I feel all warm and fuzzy. Okay I'll shut up now.
May the odds be ever in your favor.



  1. Really? Well i've heard that the film is actually getting down expectations, but anyways that's what some say... anyways all this annoys me, like when harry potter became 'known' everyone just talked about it, and same with twilight but you know, there are so amazing unkown books and movies that i just cannot understand all this hysteria at the time. lol
    Anyways i did ( last!) watch the movie 'Nick and Norah's infinite playlist' last night with my boyfriend, i love it! :D anyways michael cera always ends up in the same roles, you know lol by the way... Do you have any movie recomendation?
    Have a great week,

    1. Well I'm usually the kind of person who doesnt ever bother to read hyped up series, but I was curious about this one because everyone I know who's into the same books as me absolutely loved this series. And then I realised that there must be some kind of reason why everyone is talking about it. The whole 'I liked it before everyone knew about it' attitude was getting on my nerves because honestly 'who cares!?'. Isn't it supposed to be fun to have a lot of people who like the same series/music/whatever as you so you can talk about how awesome it is together? But that's just my opinion. Of course the hysterical an obsessed fans can get a bit annoying sometimes.
      Maybe it'll become one of my guilty pleasure, but I'm not ashamed or feel guilty for liking this series just because it's popular all of a sudden.

      And that movie is awesome! I recently watched quite a lot of movies.. one that stuck out for me was 'White Oleander' (Patrick Fugit <3). I can't think of any more right now. But if I do I'll let you know! Hope you have a great week too c: xoxo

    2. Yeah i get your point, i knew harry potter because of the films and i'm not ashamed. I'm not against the book/film of the hunger games, it actually looks interesting, it reminds me of the japaneese movie 'Battle Royale' but i just hate temporal media/people obsesions, then everyone forgets, it's like titanic, everyone forgot while i had this BIG LOVE for it for years lol and about twilight...well lets not talk about that, i think it's terrible lol i hope you don't love it or anything like that, if you do love twilight, sorry for what i said :3
      I'll ckeck out that movie, thanks! :D

    3. Haha yeah it was just ridiculous how people's mind were blown when they found out the titanic was actually based on a true story! I mean, seriously?
      And don't worry about it, I think Twilight is terrible too. Not that I have any right of speaking as I've never read the books or seen the movies but it's almost like a general rule that you should dislike it. Even the actors themselves don't like the movies! At least the Hunger Games isn't only about romances and bare chested guys running around being sparkly in the moonlight. In my opinion it's more about a strong lady and I really enjoy that there's a very fine line between reality and fantasy in the books. But I'll stop rambling now and start reading the second book n_n
      Let me know what you thought of the movie! xoxo

  2. OHMYGOSH The Hunger Games is great! I absolutely love those books too(I was a bit late for the bandwagon as well). They made a movie and I can't wait to see it!

  3. @Grace YAY now we can be Hungery Game buddies! (I'm in desperate need for even one.) I just went to see the movie and it's so awesome! Not as great as the books, but that's almost always the case right!?

  4. That really is pretty much always the case. They usually leave stuff out or change stuff. It makes me sad.
    I don't actually know anyone else who has even read the Hunger Games books, so I would love to be Hunger Games Buddies!