Thursday, June 21, 2012

This post is mainly about ice cream.

Fresh new lay-out!
It's still a little bit under construction and I'm still changing, adding and removing stuff every now and then, but I was in desperate need for a change (especially those annoying border around my images were annoying the heck out of me). And I have time to do that now because my summer holidays have officially started!! I've truly outdone myself this semester. I couldn't believe it when they said I got an 8 (out of 10) for my final presentation! 
A little peak at my presentation.
We celebrated that evening with a super yummy dinner at one of my fav restaurants (I had this amazing aubergine/hazelnut/feta cheese oven dish) and an amazing dessert I shared with two other ladies who were craving sweetness too. It had three flavors of Ben & Jerry's, chocolate mousse, Turkish delight, this delicious cotton candy like stuff, pineapple, whip cream and oh damn so much more. I should've taken a picture..
Other things making me happy...
Oatmeal with egg! (am I the only one who never had an egg in their oatmeal before?) - Katy Perry's Wide Awake and Marina and the Diamonds' Power and Control (or well.. basically all her songs right now) - This card I received from Lee Xin Yu from Malaysia.. it has to be my favorite one EVER.
finally continue watching Samurai Champloo <3 - hikes to the beach - sunshine. just sunshine. - buying nice products for my poor damaged hair - dreaming of getting a cute persian cat - shoes with an ice cream cone as a heel, ummmm yes plz!?
Irregular Choice - May Contain Nuts
Hope everyone will have a great weekend! I'm kind of excited about my mum coming over this weekend. I hardly ever have guests!


  1. Wow I love the new blog design - so pretty! Also I love your Pandan and Kitsune illustrations - the big, round panda is super cute :)

  2. @Anne Cobai Thank you Anne n_n I think I'll post the spreads I've made for it so far on the blog soon!