Saturday, August 25, 2012

*Asian supermarket haul!*

Being back home means: Asian supermarket haul! So, what did I get? 
 One thing I'm really excited about; Soy Beans! I had been craving these for ages and now I was finally able to get them again.
Bubble tea! Took a different brand this time to see if there's a difference in taste
♥ 'real' Japanese green tea. I found this tea not only tastes better than our 'western world' variant, but that it also works better if I want to create tea stains for my art!
♥ Strawberry Yan Yan. Just because.
♥ a little My Melody case with marshmallows in it!
♥ White Rabbit candy, because someone recommended it to me
♥ Some rice spices mix. Mainly because I just really liked the package. c:
Omnomnom I can't wait to munch on those soy beans tonight!
I'll just leave you guys with this:

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  1. Asian markets are the best! They're super cool. We actually have one where I live, they let ducks walk around all over the place.